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Cover page of the Book

An Intimate Portrait

by André Lopez

Belize: An Intimate Portrait is perhaps the most beautiful, interesting and informative book on Belize yet published.

This is not a tourist vision of Belize, but rather an amazing photographic sketch in 13 portfolios of the newest country in all the Americas. These 150 photographs provide a glimpse into the living splendor that is Belize...

Discover the incredible ethnic diversity of Belize. Visit a deaf school and music school. See the amateur excitement of men and women rodeoing and horse racing. Become intimate with the living Maya, their dance dramas, and the Maya ball game of Pitz. Celebrate the Joys of Independence and the Responsibilities of Freedom during the September celebrations. Come and politic and learn why " can't be a good winner if you aren't a good loser..". Know that there are no great cathedrals in Belize, but rather an unlimited supply of humble, welcoming houses of prayer, and follow a good Friday Passion-Play as emotional as any in the world. Meet the people who give the nation its heart and pulse.

The easy reading 22 page Appendix will provide you with all the practical information needed to enjoy Belize, including a chronological history of Belize, and a narration about the Garifuna whose culture UNESCO proclaimed a Masterpiece of an Intangible and Oral history. Familiarize yourself with all the special and religious Holidays, and find out why the Belizean Flag is the most unique flag in the world. Mark your calendar for every festival and event from January through December. Learn about the country- wide annual Cancer Walk, and a plethora of other useful information.

All this and more is awaiting you in Belize: An Intimate Portrait

- Leonore Butcher, Newport Beach, California -
I adventure often to Belize for a reprieve from the mundane

A portion of every book sold goes to the Rotary Clubs of Belize

Look inside:

From introduction: "How do I know that André's book is matchless, and if I may say so, special? Because I am a born Belizean and I thank God for making me part of this beautiful and unique country...
True Love comes from within and inspires us to do what is beneficial for who or what we Love. André proves his love for Belize in this book. It is his inspiration, but it benefits us all to see our country through the eyes of one of its adopted sons." - Dr. René Villanueva










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A portion of every book sold goes to the Rotary Clubs of Belize

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André the Author

Meet the Author

I was born for the storm a calm did not suit me----that is, until I found Belize 27 years ago.

I was born in New York City in a rough and tumble neighborhood and survived. I dropped out of high school at the foolishly young age of 17 and joined the U.S. Army in 1959. I was honorably discharged in 1965.

After wander-lusting around the West Indies as a deck hand on a 62 foot schooner for a year or so, I returned to my native New York and enrolled at the New York Institute of Photography. After a year of study, good fortune struck, and I was offered an assistantship with renown fashion and commercial photographer Bert Stern, and thus begun my real education in the art of photography.

Even though I was fascinated by the excitement the glamour, and the opportunity to learn how to make elegant photographs I soon realized that I was not made for the life of make-believe and high-society. The real world was a better fit for me----the world of photographers like W. Eugene Smith and Cornell Capa who both became friends and mentors.

In 1968 with my new bride I set sail for Spain with the well researched idea of doing a photographic book on the Gypsies of Spain----in three parts, the Gypsies of Romantic Caravanning, the Cave Dwellers that live high in the Spanish Sierras as opposed to tourist Granada, and the Gypsies at rest living in the slums of big cities----awaiting Spring. The great photographer Irving Penn cautioned me that I "...had set myself a labor of Hercules..." and that I should not be disappointed if I did not succeed. Four years later my wife and I returned to the United States with a completed book exactly as I had imagined it in my research which was published by the McMillan Co.

On the strength of the "Gypsies of Spain" I was able to persuade the "Dial Press" to fund a photographic book project on the Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy as found in Canada and New York State entitled "Iroquois--Portrait of a Nation". Iroquois....was a lengthy project of more than two years in the making. While waiting for publication, I began a companion work entitled "Pagans in our Midst" (a social history of the Iroquois 1885-1910 as reported in the local and mass media of the time). This work was published by a Native American media group "Akwesasne Notes Press".

The wages of art and poetry are generally poverty, and the wages of long ethnographic photo books are no different. After nearly 18 years of work as a photographer and with three well received books under my belt I was dead broke, with two children and a wife who all enjoyed eating. Consequently, I temporarily abandoned photography and New York----moved to Seattle Washington and began a construction company. Simultaneous to this new adventure I managed to become actively engaged in the Seattle Art and Photographic community by teaching the history of photography in the schools of continuing education of the University of Washington and several other Seattle Universities. Seattle was generous to me and family and after fifteen years I was able to retire at age 57 and move to Belize where I resumed my passion for photography without the stress of having to worry about paying the rent. Today I am an active Rotarian, own a small cattle ranch in Western Belize and use my camera as a gentle weapon of protest focused on peace and understanding.

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Rotary Club of Orange Walk

Rotary Club of Corozal
Rotary Club of San Ignacio
Rotary Club of Belmopan

Rotary Club of Punta Gorda
Rotary Club of Placencia
Rotary Club of Dangriga
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